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KSDE Events Portal Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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KSDE Sponsored Events

Team VacanciesCommissioner Of Education
School TermsCommissioner Of Education
2015 AmeriCorps State Member RetreatTitle Programs and Services
Course-Teacher-Student PresentationInformation Technology
2017 SEAC SeptemberCareer, Standards and Assessments
2017 SEAC NovemberCareer, Standards and Assessments
2017 New Advisor WorkshopCareer, Standards and Assessments
Six Pillars of Financial Literacy K-12 WorkshopCareer, Standards and Assessments
2013 HIV/AIDS/STDs and Human Sexuality ConferenceChild Nutrition and Wellness
KSDE Annual ConferenceLearning Services
Hearing Officer TrainingSpecial Education Services
2013 Kansas Conference on Service & VolunteerismTitle Programs and Services
2015 Grant Writing WorkshopTitle Programs and Services
SNA-KS Fall ConferenceChild Nutrition and Wellness
2014 Kansas Conference on Service & VolunteerismTitle Programs and Services
2014 Kansas Conference on Service & Volunteerism Pre-ConferenceTitle Programs and Services
School Transportation Meetings/Forums RegistrationSchool Finance
Human ResourcesCommissioner Of Education
Curriculum Leaders' MeetingLearning Services
Developing Life Literacy—Middle Level Teaching Resource WorkshopCareer, Standards and Assessments
October 2015 Curriculum Leaders MeetingLearning Services
North Central Area PDDLearning Services
KSDE CTE Drive-In WorkshopCareer, Standards and Assessments
Curriculum Leaders' MeetingLearning Services
April 2016 Curriculum Leaders' MeetingLearning Services
FCS Middle-Level Program TrainingCareer, Standards and Assessments
FCS/Business Regional Drive-In CTE WorkshopCareer, Standards and Assessments
Pine BushLearning Services
Presentations 2016Learning Services
April 2017 Curriculum Leaders' MeetingLearning Services