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Public Comments on KSDE Non-Regulatory Guidance


Kansas Curricular Standards for Library/Information and Technology

Sep 16

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9/16/2016 1:43 PM  RssIcon

The Kansas State Department of Education Career, Standards and Assessment Team welcome all comments on these proposed standards.  Public comment through this site will be accepted until October 31, 2016.  Your comments and feedback are important to us and will help us continue our work towards our vision for education:  Kansas leads the world in the success of each student.  Thank you!


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Re: Kansas Curricular Standards for Library/Information and Technology

Kansas State Department of Education Career, Standards and Assessment Team,
Even though October 31st has passed, I hope you will accept this comment.

I am writing to express my support for the new Kansas Curricular Standards for Library. The focus on research and the research process is an excellent change from standards that focused more on literature appreciation. While literature appreciation teaching opportunities are still available in the standards, I feel the standards are much more workable for teaching both research and literacy. The standards will provide much opportunity for powerful lessons in the library and excellent teaching. They provide more depth and higher level thinking skills than the previous standards.

I am also writing to state that I am in support of a change in licensure title from "Library Media Specialists" to "Kansas School Library and Information Teachers." Having the title of "teacher"on a Library license will, indeed, indicate that Librarians are teachers. First and foremost, Librarians are concerned with standards, best teaching practices, and literacy. The "media" part of the Library Media Specialists title is now outdated and does not apply to many schools who actually do not have "media" in their libraries. The definition of "media" itself has changed. It is time for a change in our title so the general public can have a better understanding of what Librarians actually do. They are teachers first, both of subjects unique to library and how to dissect and understand all aspects of information (credibility, plagiarism, citing, text features, types of information, and the list goes on).

Lastly, I hope that the State of Kansas will take measures to ensure that all schools are staffed with a certified School Librarian.

Thank you,
Wendy Fjorden
Instructional Support Library Media Specialist
Wichita Public Schools

By Wendy Fjorden, Wichita Public Schools Instructiona on   11/3/2016 9:54 AM

Re: Kansas Curricular Standards for Library/Information and Technology

I am concerned the title of the profession appears to be changing from Library Media Specialist to a more generic title including technology. The application of Technology to the learning process has long been part of Library Media programs. The new title appears to be a lower level, introductory teaching field, not the area of specialists as is the case now.

Thank you.

CA Haugsness, Ph.D.

By Craig A. Haugsness, Ph.D. on   11/7/2016 8:25 AM

Re: Kansas Curricular Standards for Library/Information and Technology

I have heard through the grapevine that there may be a proposed change to the title of librarians from "School Library Media Specialist" to "Kansas School Library and Information Teachers." I find this change although small to be significant. It is required for all librarians to gain a masters level education to truly be labeled a "librarian." However it is NOT required for teachers to gain their masters degree to "teach" in the classroom. This change seems to put librarians on the same scale as other certified teachers. I feel this would degrade the level of knowledge and experience needed to be titled a librarian. Thank you for your time and consideration.

By Laura M. on   11/7/2016 8:59 AM

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