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 Safe and Supportive Schools
April 15-16, 2024
Manhattan Kansas, Hilton Garden Inn


Cybersecurity track NEW this year



The Kansas State Department of Education ( KSDE) Safe and Supportive Schools Conference is back again this year with a new Cybersecurity track, along with Communications, Mental Health, Social and Emotional / Trauma Informed Care, Safety, and Student Data Collection and Data Privacy.

We have a line up of Presenters that will once again empower, inspire, and motivate you, while providing you great information and new ideas for you to take back to your schools. 

Cost for registration is $75.00. 

KSDE Safe and Supportive Schools Conference

Keynote Speakers

Mallory Jacobs

Mallory Jacobs, a dedicated educator, counselor, and advocate, has made a profound impact on the school counseling landscape in Kansas. Raised in Holton, Kansas, Mallory's journey into the realm of counseling began over a decade ago, shaping the lives of countless students, families, and staff members along the way.  She is currently one of the school counselors at Whitson Elementary in Topeka Public Schools.  Holding the position of lead elementary counselor, Mallory also assists other counselors in the district.  She was also named Kansas School Counselor of the Year. 

Mallory's dedication to the field extends beyond the confines of her school. As the co-chair for KSCA Bylaws and Ethics, she actively contributes to the advancement of counseling standards and practices statewide. Additionally, Mallory serves as a counselor leader coordinator for the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE), where she helps shape policies and initiatives to support counselors across the state. 

Furthermore, Mallory's influence extends to the airwaves as she hosts a radio show dedicated to motivation and helps kick off listeners' mornings in a positive way.  She also has a weekly video, "Monday Motivation with Miss Jacobs/Mal Pal," on social media platforms.  "Kickin it with KSCA" is another way for listeners to tune in, in podcast form.  She and her co-host share insights, strategies, and inspiration, reaching a broader audience and amplifying the importance of counseling in education. In Mallory's own words, "Don’t forget to be awesome!" This mantra encapsulates her unwavering spirit and serves as a reminder of the transformative power of positivity and compassion in education.



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School Safety Specialist
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