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Due to our limitations of hosting a virtual conference this year, KSDE does not have the capacity to host a virtual vendor showcase this year (2021). In lieu of collaborating with KSDE for this opportunity, we are encouraging you to review the opportunity being made available by one of our regional education service centers: Greenbush. Greenbush will be hosting a virtual vendor fair this year with a virtual only option, as well as an option that would also include an on-site component.

This event is geared toward curriculum, instruction, and assessment resources. If you are still interested in a ‘vendor fair’ in Kansas, we would direct you toward exploring this option. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we work to put on a virtual conference this year.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to working together in the future.

2021-2022 Greenbush Education Materials Vendor Fair

Greenbush Education Service Center would love to have you join us for our 2021-2022 Vendor Fair.  Thanks to all we learned during the 2020-2021 school year, we’ve made some changes we think both vendors and our district participants will love. We had over 900 visitors to our Textbook and Materials Review Website between last November and now as districts truly enjoyed the “on-demand” style of learning about various products. What was missing was a way to connect with each other and chat about the products...and we believe we have a way to accomplish both.

This year we would like to be able to offer two ways to interact with participants: a virtual, on-demand experience to share the “nuts and bolts” of your tools and then a live, interactive in-person session to connect and chat with participants. See details below: 

On-demand Videos: Our website will host your various resources with links to product demo recordings, your contact information and how to order samples from September 2021 - August 2022.

In-Person Connection Event (February 22-23 Greenbush Girard and February 24-25 Lawrence Campus): Participants can join us in a come-and-go style event to meet with your sales team, ask questions, and begin to build relationships. Meeting space and time can be arranged to ensure meaningful conversations take place.

Want to join us? Simply fill out THIS short form and we’re ready to go. Looking forward to serving Kansas school districts, and beyond, with you! 

Reach out with any questions by contacting Tonya Smedley,


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