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KSDE Annual Conference Presentation Proposals


Thank you for your interest in submitting a presentation proposal for the 2018 KSDE Annual Conference, Kansans CAN: Discover.  This conference will build on the Kansas State Board of Education's mission and vision with the purpose of helping schools and districts prepare Kansas students for success.

Kansas State Board of Education Mission:
To prepare Kansas students for lifelong success through rigorous, quality academic instruction, career training, and character development according to each student's gifts and talents.

Kansans CAN Vision:
Kansas leads the world in the success of each student. 


Definition of a successful Kansas high school graduate: 
A successful Kansas high school graduate has the academic preparation, cognitive preparation, technical skills, employability skills and civic engagement to be successful in postsecondary education, in the attainment of an industry recognized certification or in the workforce, without the need for remediation. 


Before submitting your proposal, be aware of the following information.


Presentations are not to be used to solicit sales or promote a product.

Breakout Sessions: The session date will be either October 16 or 17, 2018.  You will need to choose the length of session that would be appropriate for your presentation-either 50 minutes or 100 minutes. There are a limited number of 100 minute time slots available.  All presentations are expected to follow best practices for learners and be interactive for the attendees. Y
our audience will expect to gain knowledge, plan, and/or implement successful strategies to increase effective instructional practices leading to student success.  Preference will be given to sessions that move away from the traditional "sit and get" format.  Selection and scheduling of the presentation sessions is at the discretion of the KSDE Conference Program Committee.


Your proposal submissions must fit within one of the conference strands.  Proposals should be descriptive and include specifics about your proposed session including how it will provide for audience interaction and activity.  

Strands:   (identify one strand)

  • Social-Emotional Growth
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Individual Plans of Study
  • High School Graduation Rates
  • Postsecondary Completion/Attendance
  • Assessment

You will also need to identify one of the conference sub-strands from the following list for your presentation.  

  • Academic and/or Cognitive Preparation
  • Civic Engagement
  • Community or Family Involvement/Engagement
  • Employability/Technical Skills
  • Kansas Education Systems Accreditation
  • Nutrition & Wellness
  • School Climate and/or Leadership
  • Technology 

Fees:  Registration for the conference is required.  Presenters listed on the proposal form for each session selected will receive a $50 discount on the registration fee. 


Additional Information:

  • The proposal form asks for detailed responses.  It would be beneficial to prepare your responses in a document and then copy/paste them into the online form.
  • Presentation proposals are due to KSDE by May 11, 2018. 
  • Notifications on proposal selection will be emailed by July 10th to the first presenter listed on the proposal. 
  • Response/Acceptance to this notification is REQUIRED to be included in the conference program
  • Employer Approval to Present.  If you represent a school or district and your proposal is chosen for the KSDE Annual Conference, it is your responsibility to receive approval from your supervisor. If you do not receive this approval, contact as soon as possible.

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Presentation Proposals Online Submission Form

For questions about registration, please contact: 
Tierney Kirtdoll, 
(785) 296-3142

For logistics questions, please contact:
Karen Maddox,
(785) 291-3098

For questions about the program, please contact: 
Pat Bone,
(785) 291-3097